Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Laundry Crisis of 2015

I've declared my house is in a state of Laundry Crisis.  It has been absolutely ridiculous.  Mostly the clothes would end up in our room.  On our bed.  At bedtime.  Ugh.  So, we would sort them into the kid's baskets that we have  (almost permanently) in our room.  Morning comes, and all the kids (yes there are 5 of them) are in our room tearing through their respective laundry basket and throwing dirty clothes into the mix.  It.  Is.  A.  Crisis.  And, I'm sick of it.  

Solution:  The Andersons.  They have decided to do a Health Challenge and have invited Brandon and I to compete against them.  In all honesty, we don't have a chance.  The Andersons are simply healthier than us.  And that is OK.  But, I like a good challenge and have changed the 'weight' aspect of the challenge to conquer the Laundry Crisis of 2015.  Yes, I get 1 point in our Health Challenge every day if I do 1 (ONE) load of laundry in its entirety everyday.  That means no residual clean laundry on the floor in front of the dryer.  That means no clean laundry left on my bed.  And that definitely means no laundry in baskets in my room for the kids to rummage through to find clean clothes for the day.  

I have been awarded 2 points so far.  And it feels amazing.  I had no idea how good this would feel.  It is soooo refreshing!  Here's my plan:

1.  This was a crucial step for me.  Get the dirty laundry bins OUT of the kids rooms.  Their bins are now directly outside of their bedroom doors.  And, it has been amazing.  No more trying to decide what is clean and dirty on the floor.  Dirty clothes go OUT!  

2.  I do ONE (1) load of laundry each day.  I put it in the washer in the morning.  In the afternoon, I move it to the dryer.  

3.  In the morning, I take the clean clothes out of the dryer from the day before.  I sort them by kid and then fold them and put them away.  I do plan to have my kids do the folding and putting away part...but to get back on track, I needed a reset.  This has also been a genius step for me.  Usually I'm trying to put clean laundry away or sort it at the END of the day.  By the END of the day, I am toast.  My best work has always been done in the MORNING, at the BEGINNING of the day.

For me, it works.  It really works.  If solving The Laundry Crisis of 2015 is the only thing that the Anderson's Health Challenge accomplishes, it will be a success. 

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Myriah Cohen said...

This is a great idea. Also I love your new ads.