Thursday, April 22, 2010


This morning I was very frustrated. I found out that the clinic I was going to for my ultrasound did not allow children under age 7. I happen to have 3 of them that I had originally planned on taking with me (along with one over age 7 husband). Thankfully Brandon's Mom was able to watch the kids, and we didn't have to reschedule to another date/clinic. Had I known this earlier, I would not have scheduled my ultrasound with them...but I couldn't handle waiting any longer!

Unless you've scoured the comment section of my blog or attentively read each sentence, you may not know...I am pregnant. I let the news slip on the blog because of my pride back when I was posting about the Freeze girl cruisecation. I couldn't fathom the world thinking I would normally run a 5K so I let it slip...drat! Dang pride! I'm not exactly sure why I didn't want to announce it on my blog, but here are some possible reasons:

1. I really don't like people acting like I'm some kind of alien because I am pregnant. I don't like to focus on the uncomfortable physical sensations that come during pregnancy. People won't ask you dead end questions like...'So, how are you feeling?' when they don't know you are pregnant. (It's not that I don't like people asking questions, but if you are asked about it every 5 minutes, it is hard to focus on anything else). I prefer to try and focus on life around me (and there is a lot to focus on) instead of every ache, pain or discomfort I feel from pregnancy. I am not offended when people ask me questions about pregnancy and I do enjoy talking about's just not the ONLY thing I like to talk about. Now that I am over 30 weeks is VERY obvious I am pregnant and most people can't help but comment on how large I am, which is fine. Funny story: this Sunday at dinner, GG C made some sort of comment about how pregnancy is easy for me. I'm not exactly sure how she came to this conclusion...maybe cause I don't talk about all the things that have made pregnancy not so fun. Compared to some...I do have it extremely easy, but I wouldn't say that pregnancy is easy for me. It is still very very hard.

2. I wanted to wait to let the blogosphere know about my pregnancy AFTER I found out what I am having. I assumed I would find that out around the usual 20 week time, but securing insurance and a midwife proved difficult. I met for the first time with one of my midwives when I was 29 weeks pregnant. Thankfully, everything is fine and the baby is super healthy. So, I kept pushing off the announcement until the ultrasound...I even left out the purchase of our van so as to not raise suspicions. That is kind of lame and funny at the same time. Anyway...I had my ultrasound today and FINALLY found out what we are having.

We are having our 3rd girl and are very excited. Elle and Bryn have chosen names like Sunshine and Girly, which are interesting. Elle was hoping for a boy so that she and Bryn would each have a dance partner. I guess they'll just have to take turns with Wade.

I am overly excited about this pregnancy and having a little babe in our house again. Now that I know we are having a girl, we need to figure out a name...any ideas? If you know me well, you know I like 4 letter, one syllable names. And, if any of you are wondering, I'm due June 30th. That is my actual due date. I've told most everyone here (except family) that I am due July 2nd, to give people the idea of July instead of June. Mostly it helps me think July instead of June. Other people probably don't really care too much. I'll most likely be late, so thinking about July seems like a good idea for me. Anyway...that is the Cohen news today....a most likely arrival of a JULY baby GIRL! Maybe I'll be lucky enough to have her on Canada Day. That would be unbelievable.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cohen Chiropractic

The lack of recent posts is mostly due to this:
We have been CRAZY busy getting everything ready for Brandon to open his own Chiropractic office (Cohen Chiropractic) right here in Atascadero. He has been open for just over a week now and things are going alright (it is always slow starting out). It is a total miracle that we could find a space and get everything ready to open said space in the time we did. It would have been completely impossible without the help of my parents during their spring break (what a fun vacation!) and Brandon's family on a daily basis.

We secured our location on April 5th and opened one week later on the 12th during which time Brandon was still working 6 days a week as an Independent Contractor in 2 other Chiropractic offices.

I, naturally, have the task of the website and all things web related (among other things) and have been working on all that as well. I originally designed (I use that term loosely) the logo using GIMP, but decided to learn how to use Illustrator to have vector files to avoid annoying distortion problems for printing promotional that has been keeping me busy as well. Anyway...
If you feel so inclined, take a minute to check out:
The website at (you can also get there from or or many choices!).
Our Cohen Chiropractic facebook page....feel free to 'like' us.
Cohen Chiropractic twitter feed, I send out tweets about upcoming races and fun things going on in the area.
Cohen Chiropractic youtube page...there is really nothing there yet, but we should have some videos up soon enough...feel free to 'subscribe'.
Cohen Chiropractic linked in page...are you linked in??

Everything is still a work in progress, so if you have any suggestions...don't hesitate! We got REAL signs up earlier this week (instead of my large printed banners) and the office is looking great. I'll take pictures soon (once Brandon's new table gets here) to show you all how it looks.

Completely random note: for the past 2 days a bird has been trying to fly into our kitchen window. The bird will try repeatedly for about a half hour, then take a break and try again in a couple hours. What???? I just hope it doesn't kill itself and we'll have another Cute to deal with.