Monday, May 18, 2009


Our back street neighbors gave us their old swing set this week (Yipee!). I have it positioned outside so I can look out the dining room or kitchen window and be able to watch the kids. So, the troops were all out there when I hear Bryn let out a scream. This scream meant business. It was a 'I've cut off my arm' scream. A scream that would send my sister Laura into cardiac arrest. So, I go outside to see Bryn bowed legged and walking on her the tiptoes of her left foot and normally on her right foot. Strange. It was a warped version of the dance she does when she is just about to go pee. I was confused, brought her inside and tried to figure out what was wrong. She kept pointing at her foot. So, I looked and saw a splinter like thing in her left foot. I pulled it out and realized it was the stinger of a bee (or a wasp...I can't tell the difference). Luckily she is not allergic to bee stings and she had some minor swelling. Nothing some Phineas and Ferb can't calm.

This was first experience with a bee sting. Do you remember yours?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Raymond 10K Training

Ever since I knew we were going to Alberta this Summer, I've wanted to run the Raymond 10K. I grew up running it every year, so it will be great to run again. Brandon made me a most excellent training program and I've been following it pretty good. So is my training log. This just has running, I've left out the cross training days...maybe I should start adding that. I'm not very fast, but it's fun! I'll try and post my progress every couple weeks to keep me honest.

Jodie's Training Log
Wed May 13
5 Min Warm Up: 10:57 pace
2 Min H: 8:13 pace
2 Min M: 9:38 pace
2 Min E: 10:22 pace
2 Min H: 7:33 pace
2 Min M: 9:05 pace
2 Min E: 10:19 pace
2 Min H: 7:56 pace
2 Min M: 9:11 pace
2 Min E: 9:37 pace
5 Min Cool Down: 10:03 pace

Mon May 11
5 Min Warm Up
1 Mile: 8:07
5 Min Rest
2 Min: 8:05 pace
2 Min Rest
2 Min: 7:57 pace
2 Min Rest
2 Min: 7:51 pace
5 Min Cool Down

Sat May 9
5 Min Warm-Up
5 Miles Progression...I did really well at the start, but by Mile 4 I was beat and running up a hill. I need to do progression steps every 2 miles, not every mile...whoops. And I had the GPS set wrong, so I don't know my mile paces, just the average. I walked half of mile 5 uphill, so yeah!
Average Pace: 9:43
5 Min Cool Down

Fri May 8
Ran 30 minutes just easy. The GPS wasn't working, so I don't know my pace. I felt good and just took it easy.

Wed May 6
5 Min Warm Up
15 Min constant fast...I didn't know if I had the GPS set right and I thought it wasn't working. I came home after only 11:21 with an average pace of 8:42. I needed to get home so Bran could get to work too. Need to wake up earlier!

Mon May 4
5 Min Warm up
2 Min: 9:01 pace
2 Min Rest
2 Min: 8:07 pace
2 Min Rest
2 Min: 8:34 pace
2 Min Rest
2 Min: 8:37 pace
2 Min Rest
2 Min: 8:02 pace
5 Min Cool Down

Sat May 2
4 Mile Progression
Mile 1: 10:32
Mile 2: 10:04
Mile 3: 9:50
Mile 4: 9:21

Wed April 29
5 Min Warm Up
15 Min: 8:51 pace
5 Min Cool down

Mon April 27
5 Min Warm Up
1 Mile: 8:52 pace
5 Min Cool down

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Egg Wars 2009

The Bracket

Blue, Green and Red Elle

Yellow Bryn, Orange Bryn and Recycle Renegade
LLS and Rain S Warrior
Shaky and 1Yr Torpedo

Team Pain 1 and 2

The Winner!, Red Elle!
Final Bracket