Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So cool

Michael fulfilled one of Bryn's wishes for her birthday. He purchased his featured white sunglasses in Hawaii when he was there for Show Choir earlier this year. In Raymond, he found an almost identical pair at the local Pharamacy. Being the caring Uncle he is, he got them for Bryn for her birthday (which is his birthday too) so they could be twinners. Bryn LOVES her sunglasses. Seriously, what's not to love?? Thanks Mike. You're a great Uncle!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Dresses

You probably figured out that I finally emptied my camera card onto our computer. So...posts galore. Plus I leave for the Great White tomorrow, so I've got to get these on before I leave!

Grandma Cohen has been busy! She made dresses for the girls and some sweet overalls for Waders. Guess I forgot to take a picture of Wade in the overalls....sorry!
Bryn and Elle were both so excited to open these. They opened them just minutes after we got back from the Anderson's house. I think the allure of the presents actually made them wake from their slumber.
Elle mid dance move in the 'Father's Day Dress'.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009


A couple weeks ago, we managed to make it on our first camping trip of the season.

The girls LOVE smores. I'm pretty sure they get this from Brandon.
They must be related. Wade was the MOST excited out of all the kids. There was so much to explore. Next time we'll have to camp somewhere not close to a road. He kept running out to it.
From our campsite we could walk down to the rivers and the town. The troops hiked it pretty well especially the steep ascent back to camp.

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3 Trophies

As a Canadian and Pens fan, I felt it necessary to go to the Penguins parade in celebration of bringing home the cup. This was on Monday. I parked near Heinz lofts and walked across 16th street bridge to Brandon's office. We picked him up and headed out. I had Wade in the backpack and the girls ended up either in our arms or on our shoulders. The hurt shoulders and aching arms/backs were totally worth it when we saw this:

and this:
lets not forget this:

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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Our back yard is essentially a clover fest. I taught the girls about 4 leaf clovers and how Uncle Kent can find one anywhere. Imagine Elle'se excitement when she found one under the swingset!

She is sooo excited!
Bryn 'found one too'. Obviously another weed growing in our yard of clovers.
Close up.
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