Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not an Alien Head

You might this this is an alien head. It is not. This is most certainly 'Tiny's' head from Dinosaur Train. And she does have 2 eyes.
You just can't see them at the same time. We like to make our pinatas, and this was Elle's request for her birthday party today. It really cracks me up. I am in no way an artist (obviously) but I think it is still a blast to give it a try. And the pinatas always turn out hilarious and then you can't help but laugh when you see it. Seriously.
Elle takes some hits at Tiny. Tiny's right eye didn't last after the first hit.
And this was all that was left. RIP Tiny. he he he.

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A couple days ago, Bryn told me she couldn't get her granola bar and that it was "on the fan". I was a little confused until I saw this:
Apparently, she was throwing her granola bar around the living room and it landed on the fan. Slightly hilarious. I'm not exactly sure why she was throwing granola bars around in the first place, but in the second place...where was she throwing them? She cracks me up. And is certainly 'kilarious'.

Tonight, I brought out 3 pairs of pjs for the kids. Wade would NOT give this one up. He insisted on wearing them. I'm OK with that. I think pink complements his skin tone.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

With the Birthday Girl

Here are the ladies posing with their 100 year old Great Great Grandma.
If I remember right, she bribed them by using Cheetos (notice Bryn's Cheeto-face). My kids will do almost anything for Cheetos.
Unfortunately, this was as close as Wade would go, even with the Cheetos. But, hey...he's smiling.
Like I've said before, this woman is amazing. She remembers EVERYTHING and is quite with it. She kept saying how she couldn't imagine why a girl (one of her great grand-daughters) would wear a skirt that goes up to her crotch. She'll offer hair clips to anyone that has hair in their eyes. She won't let you eat chips out of need to put them in a container first. She makes scrapbooks all the time and has more spunk than most eighty year olds. I hope I'm that together at 100!

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Lemons, Bad Ants and 100th Birthdays

Bryn found the first lemon in the backyard of a house Brandon's parents rented in Arizona.

Elle wished she had one too.

So, Brandon found one for her.

This was of course BEFORE the bad Arizona ants starting biting their feet. We were searching for ripe lemons when Elle starting screaming and doing a weird foot dance. It took me a second to realize that something was biting her feet. By that time, Bryn started getting bitten as well. Luckily, we got all the bad ants off of them
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We were in Arizona to celebrate Brandon's Great Grandma's 100th Birthday! She is quite an amazing woman and I was glad we were able to make it out for such a momentous occasion.

Myriah, Elle and Bryn celebrated with strawberry cupcakes (with sprinkles on top). I hear they were pretty tasty.

And for the first time since before Wade existed, all the Cohens were together. Not a bad bunch!
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