Monday, January 24, 2011


Christmas was absolutely wonderful. And by Christmas, I mean from Black Friday to New Years Eve. We had SOOO much fun, but most of all, we were spoiled by having Myriah here. Myriah is....simply awesome.

She got the girls to pose on these posts:
And to do push-ups (butt-ups) on the Morro Bay boardwalk:
And she even stood near the stinky swings:
But most of all, we all wish she would come back to California forever. We miss her!...this much!
And this is how it makes us feel:

Can you guess...

what we did for FHE?

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

1st tooth!

The blood.

Elle choose Boxing Day to lose her first tooth. She had been wiggling that thing like crazy and reserved the honor for Grandpa. He did some crazy magician trick that left us all wondering if he had actually pulled out the tooth. Turns out he did! And Elle couldn't be happier!

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What makes you do this?
And this?
Elephant seals on the coast of course!

For MLK Day we went to see the Elephant Seals up in San Simeon, and it was amazing. There were more Elephant seals there than I had ever seen before (and I've been several times). I'm guessing it was just good timing. There were big (actually humongous) males fighting, baby seals nursing and mama seals doing their thing. It was incredible and the kids enjoyed it WAY more than I thought they would. So, this may become a MLK Day tradition. On the way back, we stopped at Cambria and walked along the Moonstone beach boardwalk thinger. We went down to the beach for a bit and drug the stroller along the beach (not the best idea). Wade is doing one of his classic dance moves here on the boardwalk and you can see our stroller tracks down on the beach. And, if you ever find yourself on the moonstone beach boardwalk and need to use the bathroom, just cross the street over to the Moonstone Bar & Grill. Use the door after the entrance, and voila...a bathroom!

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Torah got a new tooth yesterday (or at least that is when I spotted it) that makes 3. But you probably don't care, and I don't blame you. On a slightly (very slightly) more interesting note, we are trying to figure out a nickname for Torah. Here are some we have used:
and...wait for it....


Any other suggestions?

And...Torah eats food. She likes to feed herself.
And is just so stinking cute.

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