Thursday, January 29, 2009

Arizona and California

This was the last time we were in Phoenix. It's been a while.
And the last time we were in California.
We should have a good time in February!

I've assured Elle that she is going to love Aunt Myriah (again).

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Christmas Memories

For some reason, Wade is not completely freaked out by Santa. His sisters refuse to sit on his lap. I don't blame them. This was from our Ward Christmas breakfast.

Don't mess with the Wise Men.

The Nativity scene at the Anderson household on Christmas Eve. Elle was the angel. I think Wade was a wondering sheep. And Bryn is obviously a Wise Man.
Christmas jammies!

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For Melanie

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pre Christmas Fun

Baby Declan was born Dec 16th and we quickly headed out to Ohio for some fun! These are the troops at the hospital.
When Laura came home from the hospital, everyone was VERY excited.
Somehow Laura managed to make a cardboard house a day after coming home from the hospital.
This is how swimming at Kalahari should be. Bryn style. She was just sooo excited to get to that water park.

We were having so much fun at the waterpark, I forgot to take many pictures. I think Elle and Bryn could have stayed in the outdoor hot tub all day. They eventually warmed up to being in a tube in the wavepool, while the waves were coming...but that took time.
Eating something chocolatey in the Cabana.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cathedral of Learning!

It was so great to have visitors during the break. We took a trip to the Cathedral of Learning with Kent and Melanie. We couldn't help but pose for this bench.

Elle and Bryn were too excited about the Christmas trees in here. The killer is that they had empty fake presents under them. After Bryn realized she wasn't allowed to open them, she started to kick them...kind of hard. I guess that's what a fake present deserves...a big kick!
Kent always has a special bond with our children.
First, there was the Uni-Kent
and now this.

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First Night Pittsburgh 2009

First Night in Pittsburgh was entirely too much fun! A bunch of my family was here to celebrate with us. We started First Night around 6pm, when we saw a Magician reveal his tricks. Then we headed out into the cold to find the warm Children's Museum tent where the kids...and adults...made a few crafts. Melanie and Brandon were especially excited about this!

Wade was not so excited. Thanks Dad for carrying him!
Grandma Freeze helping make a silhouette craft.
After about 8pm, my parents and R. headed home to take care of kids and 'relax'. The rest of us found the Resolution Wall. I'll let you guess who wrote what.

We even managed to enter a 'Billy Joel' contest that didn't exist. Kent did a fabulous job.
Can't wait for First Night Pittsburgh 2010!
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Monday, January 5, 2009

CVS and Walgreens

Have I mentioned that I love CVS and Walgreens? If only I could get this site?! Someone beat me to the punch. But, in her CVS trippin''s my latest

2 colgate toothpastes 2/$5
2 colgate toothbrushes 2/$5
1 garnier fructis hair stuff 2.99
1 Nasogel stuff 7.99
total 20.98

coupons used
4-75 cents for toothpaste and toothbrushes :$3
1-$1 garnier fructis styling product : $1
1-$4 off $20 CVS coupon : $4
total coupons: $8

Extrabucks used : $12.67

total out of pocket : .31

Extrabucks received:
$4 for Colgate products
$2 for garnier fructis
$7.99 for Nasolgel stuff
EB received total: $13.99

Total trip: eb received - (eb used + oop)
13.99 - (12.67 + .31) = +1.01

So I made a dollar! Plus, I got another $4 off $20 CVS it's like I made $5!

We also hit up Walgreens (my SIL and family are visiting...she and I made the trip).

4 Reynolds Aluminum Foil 20ft: 99 cents each (using instant coupon from flyer) = 3.96
1 Electrosol Gelpac Diswashing detergent: 3.49
1 Garnier fructis sytling product: 2.99
1 Orajel brush cold sore product: 8.49
subtotal: 18.93
tax: .57
total: $19.50

Coupons used:
4 Reynolds foil $1 : $4
1 Electrosol dw : $2.50
1 Fructis styling product :$1
1 EasySaver Fructis coupon: $2
total coupons: $9.50

Oop (on gift card) : $9.02

Easysaver money earned for gift card:
Electrsol: $1.50
Orajel: $8.49
10% extra: .99
Total: 10.98

Total Earned: Easysaver - oop
10.98 - 9.02 = $1.96

So, in total I earned 5.01 + 1.96 = 6.97! (Plus got all the above products). I love couponing!