Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cry Baby

One of my biggest concerns of the 3 kids transition was bedtime. I was sure it would be more difficult. I was wrong. The more cranky or sad Wade is, the faster the girls fall asleep. I don't understand it. I'll be trying to hold/read a book in my right hand and holding/bouncing Wade in my left and the girls fall asleep. It's great.

Today Bryn almost instantaneously fell asleep with Wade crying. I 'tried' to read Elle 'Beauty and The Beast', but eventually looked over at her, and she was totally out. My advice to you: If you're having troubles getting your kids to sleep, put a crying baby in the room(you can borrow one of mine). Your kids will be asleep in minutes.

Side Note: The post person delivered the wrong mail to our house today. I don't live on Beckert Ave!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crazy April

So, this month has been a little crazy for us.
First, we packed up the truck for our move. Then it was Wade's baby blessing.
The next day, Brandon graduated. Hooray!!!
That evening we moved into our new house.
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