Sunday, April 29, 2007

Boots are for WALKING!

It is official today...Bryn is walking. It is her favored mode of transportation. She doesn't do it that well...but she is always trying to walk. She made it across the kitchen floor. She doesn't really crawl anymore except when she falls down and she needs to stand up again. It's interesting to see how Bryn is walking at 10 months, while Elle started around 12 months! Bryn seems more interested in climbing and exploring things, while Elle loved to explore people (and still does)...interesting! Brandon says...that's a huge generalization...and he's right.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


On May 8th I will become a US Citizen. This has sparked some interesting feelings and thoughts. On my way to the interview last week, Brandon asked me what political party I would register to and I had no idea. So...when we got home, I checked the 2 main parties on line and was disappointed. They both sounded the same to me! I checked both of their platforms and thought...hmmm...aren't they both saying the same thing? I don't think that is what they want you to think...there must be SOMETHING to distinguish the two I ask you, what makes a Republican, Republican and a Democrat, Democrat? That may not have made sense!

Monday, April 23, 2007

We went to the MOST - Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse this week. In this picture you see Elle, Adelaide and Emma playing with the ball suction thing with Bryn watching close by. We all went to the zoo together after and we're ready to sleep by the time we got home.

We hit up our first hike this summer. Brandon and Brad had to get something upholstered in Clyde for the business, so we decided to find a park nearby with a trail. The trail left something to be desired and we quickly realized that Elle needed new sandals. So....we headed to TCP for some killer sandals for $3.50.

Laura is a couponer.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


When I was younger I stopped swimming lessons after my teacher tried to force me to dive. I don't have any official swimming training or experience unless dolphin/little mermaid in-water dive/jumps count (which they should). Today I tried swimming laps for the first time ever. I did 5 there and backs...however far that is...and I almost died. I'm determined to learn to swim this time. Brandon and Brad have been swimming for a few months now and have given me some tips. Swimming is in my genes. My Mom is a this should come naturally right? So...what's the deal with swimming? I don't know...but I better figure it out soon, or I'll drown.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Easter Canada!

Trips...trips and more trips! The girls and I spent a couple weeks up at my parents in Ottawa while Brandon had lab and lecture finals. We spent most of our time blowing noses and coughing, but managed to have a good time. Elle was in heaven with all the cousins running around and Bryn quickly learned how to go up stairs. One of the main reasons we went up was because Grandma Ellingson came out from Alberta. This was the first time I have seen her in 2 years! We celebrated by going out to eat at more places than I've gone in a year and Grandma eating skor blizzards. We've been adjusting back to normal and enjoying Brandon's break in school.

So...since Brandon has 2 weeks of no school...what should we do? Any suggestions? How would you spend these 2 weeks?