Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Random Connections

A couple days ago I was checking out my cousin Edwyn's business, Orange Forest Media. I found the site through his facebook profile. Anyway, I was checking out his portfolio and launched Autumn Stringam's site. I've never heard of her before, even though she is from Southern Alberta. I thought I knew everyone from there! She wrote a book, A Promise of Hope that will be released in Sept this year. Her story fascinates me. I especially liked the book excerpts you find by clicking on "A Promise of Hope". The nutritional supplement she takes is called EmPower Plus. Very interesting....

Friday, August 3, 2007

Box Tops

This is one of my ways to 'stick it to the man'. I started cutting out Box Tops around the same time I signed up for upromise. Thanks to, I have $2.82 set aside for my girls education. That should get them REALLY far.
I have a ziploc full of Box Tops. Having General Mills give 10 cents per box top to a school is refreshing to me(not sure why). So, I collect. Problem is...I don't have a school to contribute to...any takers?