Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pittsburgh Area Races Google Calendar

After getting annoyed with not being able to find Pittsburgh races on a normal calendar, I created this google calendar for the world to share. Most events include cost and urls in the description. At this time, these are only running races in the Pittsburgh area. Perhaps someday I will create a google calendar for other types of races. For now...enjoy!

Please feel free to send information for races you'd like added.

Raccoon Creek State Park

Wade enjoyed his first ever camp with our friends, the A-team. We went to Raccoon Creek State Park. It's about 40 minutes from us and we were lucky enough to get a group campsite to share between us. Somehow we ended up in a site with a max occupancy of 60. The 8 of us fit quite nicely there.
There was plenty of room for a hammock and boomerang.
I think we'll go back again someday.
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Church Ride

Keeping Bryn awake on the way home from Church is not easy. We try all sorts of tactics. Some work better than others.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Hunt for the Almond m&m's

Typical of Wednesday evening, Brandon is at his running group. The kids are all asleep and I'm relaxing. Then I remember Brandon brought home some almond m&m's yesterday. I decide to find them. I look in all the usual candy spots. The singing dog cookie/treat jar, the cupboard above the stove, but no m&m's. Where could he have put them? Our girls are great at finding any kind of treat in the house. We once stored Gatorade in a solid tote under the Church bag, only to have Bryn discover it the next day. They have the sugar gene. So...he had to have hid it somewhere good. After looking with absolutely no success, I decided to check the more 'easy to find' locations. I opened the pantry, and voila. The m&m's. In plain sight for the whole world to see. Really, it was a great strategy. The girls don't think to look in the pantry for treats. There are NEVER treats in there. Brandon, you're brilliant.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wade Update

Sometimes the little slugger gets overlooked. So, I've dedicated this post to our mini stud, Wade. I love this first picture of Wade. It is pretty exciting to have 2 new teeth coming in. The ladies (Elle and Bryn) insist on seeing the new teeth several times a day, as if the teeth are growing inches a day. Thankfully they are not. That would be gross.

Wade spends a large portion of the day eating his hands as seen above. Perhaps because he doesn't have a soother. Or because he wants to eat everything in site, including his hands. For now, that satisfies his solid foods appetite.

Wade is a smile master. In the odd moment he doesn't have his fist shoved in his mouth, he is smiling. He's gotten into this high pitch screeching thing. Where could he have learned/heard this??? I have a couple guesses.

That's Wade, in a nutshell (for now).