Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I just went around our house lifting up carpet in random places. What I found: this house has hardwood floors. Even the stairs. I'm resisting going through and ripping up all the carpet myself. That is incredibly hard for me. I must be logical:

1. We don't own the house. I'd have to get permission from Bert. Plus any money we invest in doing this wouldn't have a return unless we bought the house someday.
2. That's a big job. I've never done anything like it. Where would I put the carpet I pull up? What kind of tools do I need? Brandon's pretty busy, will I be able to do most of it myself?
3. Financially we couldn't refinish the floors underneath. Will the floors as is be better than the gross carpet on top?

I must resist pulling carpet up for now, or at least until Brandon gets home.