Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gluten-Free Goodness

Many of you know that I don't eat gluten anymore. And, somewhat recently we've taken gluten out of Wade's diet to see if it resolves some...issues. Anyway, I have had a really hard time baking my own gluten-free bread. It just doesn't ever seem to come out right. In all honesty, I haven't spent a lot of time trying to bake bread because of the failures I've had. Why try to make something you used to love and then have something come out of the oven that doesn't even come close to resembling it? Sometimes, you just can't imitate the real thing. Bread was one of those things for me. But, I decided to try again today because I made shredded bbq pork and wanted to put it on a bun. I remembered seeing this recipe around Thanksgiving time, but hadn't tried it. So...I decided to try it today. The result was fabulous! I think I'll be making bread again (rolls specifically).

To anyone out there looking into gluten free eating/living, you've got to try the flour blends from Gluten Free Mama. I admit the name is lame, but her flour blend is awesome. You can buy it on Amazon with subscribe and save making it something like $18 for 2 4lb packs of flour, which really is a good price if you've looked into making or buying other gluten-free flour blends. So, seriously...give it a try. I've used it in many of my other gluten-free recipes from other people and the end product is always better than I've experienced with other blends. I have her first cookbook (which I don't actually recommend...except for her pizza recipe). But, if you're looking for an amazing (and decently priced) flour blend...this one is it! And...the rolls were amazing. I think I've eaten like 20...ok maybe not!


singh from dominos india said...

I also quit gluten a few days back

Unknown said...

Do share the recipes. I've had the same problem.

Rob Freeze said...

Jo, you need to chat with Lynette. She has been doing the gluten free thing for quite a while and has it mastered when it comes to treats and cakes - most of what she makes tastes better than the gluten-full versions and way better than store bought mixes. Also she has tried several breads and has one that all the kids claim as being just like real bread, though I don't fully agree it is still quite good and better than any gluten free bread I have ever had.