Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Deuce

Next Friday, Union Springs hosts the annual Deuce race. Brandon and Brad were originally going to run it. Brad has been in training under Brandon's coaching, but turns out...he can't run it! So, Brandon has taken on coaching me. This will be my first 2 mile race. I've got a little over a week to prepare.

Brandon had me start training last night with:
5 minute warm-up jog
1 mile as fast as I could(8:35)
4 minute walking break
1 mile as fast as I could(7:57)

It's funny not running with the Cougar. My body seems to run as though it's still pushing it. After the first mile, I decided to change up my form a bit, and ended up running the second mile 30 seconds faster. I'm not very fast..but that's alright.

My next workout:
5 minute warm-up jog
10 minutes at target pace (8:15)
5 minute cool down jog

My workout last night was very interesting. I don't think I've tried running one mile as fast as possible before; a very enlightening experience. So give it a try! How fast can you run a mile?


Anonymous said...

WOW! You are fast. I think the last time I timed myself I took 11 minutes to run a mile....of course that was in Middle School gym class. The motivation was not very high.

Jodie said...

Melanie, I bet you can run a mile in problem.

Laura said...

Holy crap Jo

adam said...

good thing its not the double deuce

Dr. Freeze said...

I can run one faster than Robert.