Tuesday, June 12, 2007

T minus 4

4 more days till the Deuce!

Last night Brandon had me do a HME(Hard Medium Easy) Run. He did the same type of run earlier and it almost killed him. He ran a hard mile, medium mile, and easy mile twice with a warm up and cool down. So, he change it up a little for me:

5 minute warm-up
2 minute hard run
2 minute medium run
2 minute easy run
Repeat HME three times
5 minute cool-down

I didn't get out for my run until around 8:45 last night, but it felt great. My hard runs were around a 7:30 pace, mediums (9 pace) and easys around 10:30 pace. I've only got 1 more workout till the race.

Now to find the next race to train for!

Has anyone tried the mile workout?

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Camilla said...

You constantly amaze me. Way to go.