Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I've always wanted to get 2nd place in the Olympic Ski Jump, but I'd have to be crazy. How does someone get to the point where they say...Let's strap on some skis and go down a super steep jump and see what happens? There must be some smaller jumps they try out first.

Lake Placid is an interesting place. Just walking around there makes you feel like a champion. It was absolutely breathtaking. The streets were full of bikers, hikers and just plain tourists. It felt like an outdoors playground. Every time I went outside I got giddy. It was gorgeous! I hope my girls gain the same appreciation for nature. To top it all off, Price Chopper was within walking distance from our hotel, and accepted coupons! Every couponer must go to Lake Placid.

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Myriah said...

For first place, there was clearly a tie, but congrats on your dream come true!!
I knew those girls would be great, i just knew it.