Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bryners is ONE!!

A few days late, but Bryn is ONE!!! We had an excellent celebration for her at an Auburn Doubledays baseball game. Elle went potty 5 times in 2 innings and we left soon thereafter. Good thing it was free night! We made a most exotic Alaska King Salmon (cut out) chocolate cake for her. Elle decorated it herself. Elle chose a maple leaf and gingerbread man as her cake cut outs.

Bryn keeps trying to say she's 2...silly girl! Notice Elle's massive hair snarl at the back of her head. This was at 7am, but she can be seen with a similar hair snarl at later hours.


Myriah said...

Oh my goodness! How cute!
a few comments...

1) that hair snarl is really very classy, and if she works on it enough, i think it will be ready to compete at the "Best of Idaho Big Hair" show in August.

2) i love the salmon cut out! I would have never thought of that. Does that mean that you could make cookies in the shape of a giant salmon, or possibly a jello salmon? I hope so.

3)The time when i understood Elle the best was when she was talking to Bryn. I don't know what that means, but i think it means somthing....and i'm amazed by it.

Jodie said...

I apologize for poor video quality. I think there is the constant background noise due to the camera being submersed in water once. We thought the camera was toast, but it still would take pictures etc, the video just has constant background noise. My point is, you may have had better luck hearing/understanding Elle without the noise and you probably understood her most when talking to Bryn because she was yelling at her, so it came through a little better.

I like the jello salmon idea...who wouldn't like that! As for the hair snarl, you'll definitely see it in August. She wakes up with a new one every morning. Maybe if we don't desnarl it for our entire 2 week visit, it will be Idaho worthy.

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Bryn!
I will always remember holding her when she was only a few hours old. She is such a great niece.

I love the cake. I have never seen a tastier Alaskan salmon.

Camilla said...

Happy Birthday Bryn! We have watched your videos several times. Thanks for the lifesaver.