Thursday, June 21, 2007

Morning Carols

For the past 3 days Elle has privledged me with a morning wake up 'song'. I'm not sure how she came up with this idea. But, if I'm still asleep when she wakes up, she'll come into my room and says something like "Mommy, I sing you a song to help you wake up?". I'll grumble affirmatively and she's off. There are a lot of octave jumps and random words you can make out like breakfast, pretzel, fruit snacks and vitamins. It's a classic!


Myriah said...

That is the cutest thing ever. Elle is a music master.

Melanie said...

I have been trying to get my side of the family to make a cd of people singing songs that we sang growing up (for my future kids). I think I am going to have to bring a voice recorder to the next Freeze get together so I can add Elle's Song to this cd. A song of vitamins and breakfast sounds very inspirational.