Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lone Ranger

Yesterday, we sold our Ranger. As a tribute to the truck it was, I'd like to list some of it's great trips:

1. The East Exodus. Cross country pulling a trailer for our move to Seneca Falls. The 'Christmas Miracle' guadrail saved the truck from going in the ditch during a lake effect snow storm in Illinois.
2. Aspen anyone? After a few days at Moab, Kent, Paul, Brandon and I headed to Colorado to visit family. We were just one person shy of truck capacity.
3. Oh Canada! We drove the truck up for our wedding and honeymoon in Alberta. We found out how to jimmy the back window to get in a locked truck. I also got the truck stuck on a not so slippery patch of ice.
4. A-town. I can remember at least 2 trips to A-town in the truck. One includes Paul and Josh Mallett. The other was just Paul, Brandon and I. A-town is the truck's home town.

I know we had more great trips, but my memory is failing and I have 2 naked children running around. Please share your memories of the Ranger....I'm missing it already!

Goodbye Ranger! I hope Ray(or his son) is good to you.
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Anonymous said...

What a tribute! That truck has been through a lot of significant events in your lives. I am missing it too (even though, up to this point I never really thought about it at all). Cheers to past memories and new!gj

Smash said...

Is that Paul's old Ranger? If so, I have some memories.

Jodie said...

Nope...not Paul's. Cohens seem to be attached to Rangers. I think Paul's Ranger is still kicking.