Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Wonderland 2010

Winter Wonderland was much warmer this year than last and it was fabulous. The kids got to go sledding down the fake hill with the fake snow again, but I didn't get any pictures as I was sledding with them. Brandon had an ART conference in Vegas that weekend, so Brandon's family came with me so we'd actually be able to do stuff...thank you family!

So...the sledding was our first stop, then we went to see Santa and Mrs. Claus. And then...we found the carousel. I don't remember seeing this last year. It was by far the oldest carousel I've been on, but it was free and the kids loved it.

We stopped an were listening to the High School choir performing by one of the designated 'snow zones' when kids get to play in the snow. I wasn't about to wait in the 20 minute line to play in fake snow (or ice), so luckily there was some that came out of the fenced in areas. Bryn gave it a try:
Then realized that snow is really cold and she didn't like that. Oh...and that hot chocolate will definitely burn you when it is hot, making it especially easy to spill down your shirt.
And Torah is just sticking cute:

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Megan said...

Hot chocolate spillage is no fun!

We have lots of should come don't even have to wait in line to play in it....totally awesome!

Oh, and Torah IS stinkin cute. Love the smiles!