Thursday, December 2, 2010


So...a LOT has been happening around these parts. Elle dressed up for Halloween for school:

And then immediately after school, we left for Phoenix for Brandon's Great Grandmother's Funeral. We stayed the night at some random place...
And got up at like 3:30am to make it to Phoenix for the graveside service. It was an absolutely crazy trip as we were schedule to be moving that weekend. In order to get to Phoenix, we moved a two days earlier...which was...crazy. Anyway...we were really glad we made it to Phoenix and to the service. Great Grandma was an amazing woman, which is part of the reason Bryn has Erma as her middle name.
We were at the hotel in Phoenix on this is how they got candy.

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Myriah Cohen said...

Oh man! That last picture KILLED ME! It was so funnY! I laughed for a minute straight.Phew~ I'm just now able to type...Hahahahahahahaha!

Megan said...

Crazy is right! Where exactly did your kids get candy from on Halloween?? Did they go door-to-door like that?