Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Fun

They made 3 snow hills for Winter Wonderland this year. To get the snow, they had a big truck with blocks of ice on it. They then put the ice through a tree chipper and voila...snow! The kiddos went down this slide at least 3 times.

Here are the 2 Ws.

And Elle.

And Bryn.

Then we went to Vine Street last night to see all the lights and shows. By far, the Grinch was the favorite. Even though Elle isn't familiar with the character, she could have stayed watching him all night. She told me not to worry because she could tell he wasn't real because of his gloves (which you can't see in this picture). Well done Grinch! Max did a stellar job too.

There was an Alpaca.
And of course, Scrooge.
Then we came home and made Marshmallow cuties for the first time ever from a recipe that my Grandma Ellingson always made at Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Megan said...

Ah, I remember marshmallow cuties! I need to make some of those treats. Your night looked like lots of fun. Was that put on by the city or something?

Sparklebot said...

We could use some fake snow here too, to christmas-it-up!

Looks like fun.

Camille said...

Oooo, fun. What are marshmallow cuties?