Friday, December 3, 2010 alive

We were out last know, the day AFTER Black Friday and were shopping. I was in World Market getting some chocolate advent calendars made in Germany in the hopes that the chocolate would at least taste like chocolate instead of waxy ... not chocolate. Brandon had the 3 older kids as his 'partners' and they somehow ended up outside the store. When I came out, Wade came up to me SUPER excited. He is a little hard to understand (understatement) still...even for his Mom. Anyway, he decided to just show me what he was trying to tell me instead. So after some, come on Mom's...we ended up here:
And then I realized he was saying WALL-E over and over!'s true...WALL-E is real or at least as real as Santa Claus.

To seal the deal, this morning we were making a sign for Grandpa Cohen and Wade spotted him immediately:

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