Monday, September 29, 2008

Today is Random

The troops and I went on a trek while the car was getting the last things needed for its' safety inspection. Here are some highlights.

1. On our way into Target, we spotted a man sitting by the trash can. We had some trash that needed to be deposited in said can. As we walked up, the man covered his cigarette from the girls with his hand. After we left, he moved his hand and took a puff. Interesting.
2. Apparently shopping with 3 children warrants the comment, "You've got your hands full". I can't remember a time out with the troops when I have not heard this comment. It doesn't bother me. They're right, my hands are full. I have no spare hands. What could have been said to my Mom, with 6 children age 10 and younger? You've got all available limbs full?
3. Kohl's has excellent deals. I got shoes for the girls and 3 Wade outfits all for next summer for just over $9. Finding a suitable Brandon birthday present proved more difficult.
4. According to Braxton, Dora is not cool. Her head looks like a watermelon.


Bronwyn said...

actually the comment I got most often was "are they ALL yours?"- I'm sure they could tell from looking at you that you were all siblings, so I'm not sure why they thought I must have stolen at least one of you from someone else.

Jodie said...

Mom...that's funny. You know Laura and I don't think we look anything alike! Another thing that happened today was that Elle and Bryn were mistaken (again) for being twins. I suspect this will happen more and more as they get older. This weekend Brandon and I were looking at pictures from the Marathon and saw a picture of Bryn that we thought was Elle at first. Hopefully when they are teenagers, they will be able to mess with some young hearthrob and pretend they are each other. That didn't make much sense.

Megan said...

So are you getting a new car? Shopping with 3 kids is fun.

Jodie said...

Nope, no new car Megs. The Forester runs wonderfully now.

Myriah said...

I've heard that about Dora.