Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Tuesday was terrific. A good friend ventured out to pick us all up to go to lunch (car not fixed yet). We met other friends at lunch. The 4 of us plan on running a half marathon on Oct 4th (my 30th birthday present to myself). As we discussed running strategies, the kids played and .... made a huge mess.
It was so great to get out of the house. Many many thanks go to my friend who braved the 28 to make it out to our house. For some reason, the GPS sends people to the 28 and up Rialto on an illegal left turn. Somehow, she still managed to make it.
Around 5:15, we caught the 6A bus to the North Shore. The girls were clearly excited. By 5:35, we were at PNC park for our first MLB game (Thank you Kluebers!).

It was T-shirt Tuesday.
The first batter broke his bat. We tried to explain the game of baseball to the girls, but they were more interested in the people walking around.

The bus was a little late, but it showed. We had 2 choices, 7:48 or 9:20. The girls chose 7:48. We almost saw 2 innings. But it was enough time for Wade to hold hands with a stranger, Elle to beg for a hotdog, and Bryn to pop her sword balloon.

Thank you Kluebers for the tickets!


Smash said...

You are brave to take three kids on the bus. I take the bus daily, but not with kids.

Myriah said...

WHOA! Tuesday really is terrific! You had such a fun day. I remember my Tuesday, and it was nowhere near the awesome level of your Tuesday.

Jodie said...

Smash--I don't think I'd venture on the bus during rush hour. I've gone at times when the bus is almost completely empty. This bus trip was especially easy. One bus with very little walking. Would I do this in DC...probably not. Kudos for braving the DC transit. I've read some of your encounters...pretty intense. My only bus 'encounter' to date was a homeless man telling me I should stop having children.