Monday, February 11, 2008

Web Design

I've been trying out something new lately. Web Design. I've found it rather fun. It started with helping Brandon and Brad with their De Novo website using GPC (google page creator). GPC is great if you want a generic easy to use interface. But, there are many bugs and it can drive you crazy. So, then I started editing the html for each block (header, body, sidebar, footer etc) on GPC. This helped some, but still didn't give us the flexibility we wanted. So...I've started to just code the pages in html (using HTML kit) while calling CSS files (style sheets) and then upload them through GPC. That has seemed to work best, but I'm finding more and more that I detest Internet Explorer. IE7 seems to handle CSS files alright, but the earlier editions (namely IE6) is plain annoying. It just doesn't read the CSS files right. So, I'm learning a lot and it's fun. Hopefully the site looks decent enough. It seems we're always making changes/improvements and we need more pictures and other 'things'. But the bones are there...or should be. So, check it out for yourself. Check out De Novo Pittsburgh Chiropractic & Health! You can compare that to the "original" pages we made before through this link.
Eventually, will link you into (the new homepage). For now, we've just left all the old pages on until we are ready to declare a NEW site. Let us know what you think!


Melanie said...

I am really really impressed, Jodie. The webpage is very professional, easy to navigate, informative, and down right amazing. Brandon is lucky to have you as a part of the team.

Myriah said...

"Bones!" Ha ha! Good one!

Okay, no, in all seriousness, GPC can drive a girl crazy, and why are people still allowed to run Internet Explorer 6? It's like it is still 2007 or something.
I don't know what is happening to this world.

Camille said...

Looking good as always. You know I always hear the same thing when people start web designing- IE is not so wonderful. Sorry. You are doing awesome though.

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