Friday, February 22, 2008

The Root Beer Challenge of 2008

Root beer has been my one huge craving as of late. So, for Valentine's Day Brandon bought me a whole bunch of delicious root beer. Naturally, we had to have a contest to see which root beer was superior.
Brandon set up the taste test. The contenders were from L to R were Boylan, Stewarts, Saranac and Hanks. We tried them all with a nice chip palette cleanser between each.
Cup 1 (with the smiley guys on it) was just delicious. Cup 2 was smooth and delicious and had a most excellent after taste. Cup 3 was delicious also, but a little too sweet. Cup 4 was disgusting and tasted like medicine. This surprised me as I had anticipated liking Hanks root beer. It did have the coolest bottle. From most liked to least, I voted 2, 1, 3, 4
Being a true samplist, Brandon had (unknown to me) mixed up the bottles with the cups. Their true identity was exposed. Cup 1:Stewarts, Cup 2:Saranac, Cup 3:Hanks, Cup 4:Boylan. I had voted for Saranac, Stewarts, Hanks and finally Boylan.
Give the Root Beer Challenge of 2008 a try!

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Myriah said...

My brother is so romantic.


Melanie said...

Here is a root beer joke for you:

What do you bring to a math party?....

Root beer and pi!
I crack myself up.