Monday, February 4, 2008

Branching Out

For the longest time, the only name that Elle would consider for the Cohen heir was 'Gasholder'. Recently she's added some new ones, depending on which room she is in. They include Booster, Door, Toys, Pillow, Blanket, Cougar and Spiny Chair. Not bad Elle!
Seriously, we need to figure out a name for this kid! I've gotten some great helps from friends and family. One friend lent me a book she got from the library. It's a great book (The Baby Name Bible) and we quickly discovered that both Elle and Bryn's names are highlighted and have stars with an up arrow beside them. That means they are good names, right?
So..we're 2 for 2. I figure we'd HAVE to have a boy name worth a similar star and up arrow. That's where I started my search. I came up with a list of names that I liked enough and then Brandon and I went through and crossed out ones we didn't like enough to name a child. The result is NOT a final list of names, but at least a list of names we kindof sortof maybe like. Please reference the poll and place your vote. We've never had such trouble naming a child! Does it get harder the more children you have?


Camille said...

It totally gets harder with each kid because with each kid you throw out more and more possibilities. So hard! I'm glad you found a good book though. My Mom always brings up this book about how the name with effect the personality of the kid. So far, its been right so I guess I should have listened to that book more. I'm consulting it for sure before we pick a name for our next girl. I voted for Finn but was about to suggest Jack myself. I've always loved Ezra though but it doesn't go with your one syllable thing so I didn't vote for it.

Camille said...

How about Miles?