Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Naming Woes

This post is brought on mainly from reading Myriah's blog and the inconclusive poll. I appreciate all the suggestions from people on names. It's great! However, I have yet to find a name I like more than Wade. Well...just name gman Wade, right? But wait, Wade didn't even make the poll! Why's that? Way back when Brandon and I were childless we decided that our first boy would have Brandon as a middle name. Just like Brandon's middle name is his father's, Wade.

So...would it be too strange to name our son....
Wade Brandon, when his father's name is
Brandon Wade , and his grandfather's name is
Wade Alan?

What do you think?

Brandon says it would only be weird on taxes. He also says...if we really want the name Wade, why not name him
Wade Freeze? (Freeze being my maiden name)

While this name sounds fine to me, I feel like Brandon is getting ripped off. Our eldest daughter has MY name as her middle why should it be different for Brandon? So..I'm confused!
To add further confusion, the poll results are in. We've got a tie with Jack, Dex and Finn. The Freeze family poll had Zed and Jed tied. I have no choice but to throw out the poll results.


Anonymous said...

Jodie as you have probably figured out, I have not been looking at blogs lately. I am so behind on the name game! I guess Abraham Joseph is not even in the running, not even shortened. Wade is a good solid name. Really I would like anything you picked. gj

Myriah said...

Okay, so i think you should just suck it up and go with Wade Brandon Cohen. Also, the middle name thing is a nice sort of tradition that could continue through generations. And who knows, maybe little Wade will name his first boy ____ Wade Cohen, and it will be a fun thing for genealogists to discover later.

Also, if you use Freeze as a middle name, you certainly can't use it for a first name later on. It's perfect: it falls under the one-syllable clause, and it's also a super cool first name.

ha! That pun was sooo not intended. So, unless your siblings have already named a kid Freeze, i think you should call dibs on it right now and use it for your next kid. I want to name one of my future boys Cohen, but didn't feel like i needed to call dibs.
Oh great, i bet you are going to use that now. Cohen Brandon Cohen. Man, i blew it.

What was i thinking?!?!

Katie V said...

Thanks for the great information on strollers! It was fun to discover your blog too. I don't know how you do so much when you are taking care of your girls. I feel like I will never get anything done again. I was reading your blog and your moving/birthing month sounds like it will be...interesting. I just did it in December and I don't recommend it at all - especially with two other kids and potentially in the snow. Well good luck and I hope you have family helping you... :)

Megan said...

Do Wade Brandon. I like it. How often do people look at things like that? Like...I didn't even know what Brandon's middle name was.

Camille said...

I agree. Wade is a totally cool name. It wouldn't be too weird and will it really make you sit up nights thinking about it say in 5 years? No. So go with it.