Monday, October 29, 2007

Too Many Girls in the House

Elle told us yesterday that there were too many girls in the house. Apparently she was right. Come March '08 the count will be 2 to 3. Now we just need to think of a name.
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Xiaoshan said...

If you name him Kent, I will buy you a house.

Actually, I already owe you a house anyway, so it's a moot point. But it does have nice alliterative properties.

Jodie said...

We'll take TWO houses!

Myriah said...

I was thinking you should name him Clay because those ultrasound pictures make him look like he is made out of clay.
Unfortunately, I don't really like that name, but it would be a great story for him growing up. Clay Cohen.
Yeah, don't do that.

How about Joseph.
Or Mark.
Or Bradford.
Or Kent.
No, not Kent.
How about James?
Or Severus.
Or Albus?
But not Jacob. Everyone is naming their kid Jacob.
Oh, i forgot to ask, what are my stipulations? Must the name be one syllable?
How about Blake? I assume he'll have Brandon as a middle name?
Mark Brandon Cohen
Blake Brandon Cohen
James Brandon Cohen
Did you want to keep the first letter within the first 5 letters of the alphabet?
A, C, and D aren't taken....
Mom says maybe Abe might fit into those rules. Or maybe Curt. Or Dick.
Mom says she hates those names she came up with (don't tell your kid that if you end up using one of them) but she was trying to brainstorm within the alphabet and one syllable rule.
Well, that is a lot of help.
Good luck.