Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween Halloween has been over for a while now, but I figured I should at least post some pictures. Elle was Tinkerbell and Bryn a black cat (with calico ears and tail). Bryn quickly figured out how to say "Trick or Treat", which came out as 'treee tee'. She rarely let people put the candy into her pumpkin. She likes the control I guess. Elle was mostly frightened which may have been in part because she was cold. All the candy is gone now, and we are somewhat surviving sugar and soother withdrawl...which happened this week too. Our friend just brought us over some Canadian Smarties...delcious...we are going to eat them all.
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Megan said...

You got rid of soothers? That's impressive.

Camille said...

Whose soother?

Jodie said...

Elle's is completely gone...yippee and Bryn uses one that always falls out of her mouth only in her bed. I think Elle is pretty much over asking for her soother now...which is nice!