Wednesday, October 10, 2007

29 Years Young

Yesterday, I turned 29 years old. That's pretty old...almost 30!! One of my friends turns 30 next month and said "I can't wait till I'm 30. I've earned 30!". I don't think I want to earn 30. Let me stay in the 20s. But...I guess I've earned 29 by:

1. Living in Guatemala as a missionary for 1 1/2 years.
2. Witnessing 'Delicate Arch' as seen on Utah's license plate.
3. Almost making it to Aspen.
4. Standing on the Canadian Shield.
5. Experiencing BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Arizona, Missouri, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Alaska.
6. Seeing the world largest truck, fake fish, thermometer, and maple syrup bottle.
7. Hiking/Caving Gargantua.
8. Shopping at Mall of America.
9. Kayaking in the Thousand Islands.
10. Visiting Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump and Frank's Slide.

So...there are my great accomplishments in 29 years...or at least things I've seen.


Xiaoshan said...

Someday, I think I want to go back and almost get to Aspen all over again.

By the way, if you ever want to come visit us, we can take a trip to see the world's largest chair. It is about an hour from here, and I've been meaning to go for awhile now.

Jodie said...

Kent...I can't believe you didn't say something sooner.

Melanie said...

You are awesome. I hope to be as cool as you when I get to the 29 year mark. I better go and get the largest chair on my list.

Smash said...

Aw. I remember when you turned 20--and I was jealous because you were "in your 20's" while I remained in the teens. I'll be less jealous this time, I think.

Jodie said...

No kidding Smash. Not looking forward to 30..that's just old!