Saturday, October 6, 2007

Marathons are Easy

Brandon completed his first marathon in Akron on Sept 29th. The girls and I dropped him of on a random street because we were late and he hurried to find the starting line and 4 pins for his number. He must have made it OK as we saw him running around Mile 3 looking strong. At mile 10 we gave him more sharkies and the girls were both screaming for madness. By the time we made it to the Kids 1 km Fun Run, Bryn had thankfully fallen asleep(no more screaming!). Elle was wishing she was asleep, but once she heard the music she started to dance with the cousins (the Andersons were there too). Both Bryn and Elle got free race T-shirts and goodie bag that had coveted colored band aids (which Elle pasted along her arm) and slinkies...along with a nasty brownie and other treats. It was a success! Elle took off running and shortly realized that she didn't know anyone around her and started to freak out until I caught up with her. She was sobbing and found it hard to sob and run simultaneously. I've never tried that. So...we took a break until she regained her vigor and we were off! Brianne won the cousin race followed by Braxton, Derek, Elle and then Carter. We made it back to the end of the race in time to see Brandon finish his 26.2 in style. He seems pretty much healed now except for a killer blister on his foot. At around mile 9 (I think) he felt a blister coming so stopped at an aid station and put Vaseline on his foot. That was a mistake and by the end of the race his little blister grew into a massive square of disgust on the bottom of his foot...gross. Last night he said he can almost ride his bike without pain. See...marathons are easy.


Camille said...

Sounds like a success- minus the blister- that sounds horrible but way to go everyone!

Myriah said...

What?! Slinkies?!