Thursday, September 20, 2007

Red Lights

Riding to playgroup this morning I found out Seneca Falls was doing construction on my normal route. I made a mental note to go a different way home. It would require a venture across the main bridge to turn left at Seneca Falls' almost singular light to the '5 &20', which is the busiest road in SF. I wasn't looking forward to this as I'm always faced with a dilemma at lights. Brandon told me once that if you're the only one there and it's clear, to just go cause the weight of your bike wouldn't prompt a light change. Sounds logical. So, today I turned left when the left turning light was most definitely RED. No one was coming from any direction, nor was there anyone behind me. I thought it a safe move. As I continued west on the '5 & 20' a man yelled out of his Dodge Caravan, "YOU JUST RAN A RED LIGHT!". He was right, I had. Maybe he thought I was color blind? I'm sure he had my safety at heart, but I was annoyed. Why can't people mind their own business? It's not like I go around yelling, "You're fat and should exercise!". That would be for his safety...he was overweight. That's DANGEROUS!

This experience has concreted the fact that I will NEVER buy a Dodge Caravan.


Anonymous said...

Actually, exercise alone probably won't cut it. You can exercise, but if you eat 1 million calories a day you're not going to be losing much weight.

Some Random Guy

Myriah said...

Oh man, I HATE dodge caravans.

And who is this Some Random Guy sassing back to you on your blog?!
What a punk.

Also.. what is a "5&20"? Does it have anything to do with black birds?

Jodie said...

SRG--aka Brandon
5&20--it's the highway that goes through SF...Highway 5 and Highway 20 together.

Hope that helps!

Xiaoshan said...

He should get a Ford Ranger, extended cab.

Smash said...

The other day, I was in a going-straight lane and the green arrow signal turned. I thought mine had turned too for a second, so I took my foot off the brake, but quickly realized my light was still red, so I stopped. I moved MAYBE 6 inches. MAYBE.

The guy in the car turning left in front of me stuck his hand out the window, over the top of his car, and shook his finger at me.

I was infuriated.