Monday, June 28, 2010

School is Out! Summer is HERE!

This was a shot of Elle's last day of Kindergarten! Way to go Elle! It is crazy to think that she will be in 1st grade in the fall. She has done an absolutely amazing job in Kindergarten and is definitely ready for 1st grade (I keep saying Grade 1 and she always corrects me..."That is NOT how they say it here, Mom!"). It has been fun having Elle around all day so far this summer and we will certainly miss her in the fall.
Bryn got to come with me to Elle's last day party. There was a great magician show and pizza and cookies...delicious! Oh..and face painting!
Summer brings heat (thankfully not super hot yet), so we have been spending time at our friend's pool. The girls are so excited to have swimsuit tan lines. How cool that it looks like you are wearing a swimsuit even when you don't have a swimming suit on??!!!
And finally...Elle completed Headsprout (an online 'learn to read' program) which got us to Yogurt Creations (the girls' most favorite place in the world). Way to go!


Megan said...

Way to go Elle! was there supposed to be a picture in this one too?

Jodie said...

Yeah...there should be pictures now. I guess my Picasa web account ran out of space so I had to buy some. Let me know if they are not working yet!

Melanie said...

The cookies with sprinkles look yummy.
Good job on the reading program-our family racked up so many free meals/treats with reading programs during our childhood. It was the only time we would go out for fast food and we loved it!