Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival

We also went to the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival this weekend, which was fun and a little crazy. One of my favorite vendor booths had this:
They had really cool African (from the Ivory Coast) wood art. I especially like the giraffe. Brandon was quick to spot this one. If only we had the $1250 to buy it for Rixa.
There were plenty of 'name' booths, where they would put your name on something. And fortunately for Brandon, his name was displayed at most of these booths. We almost bought this one:

I think my absolute favorite booth was the soccer collies. Wade could have stayed here all day. And yes...he is wearing a pink hat.
We happened to be there during a demonstration, where they let kids go in the goals and the dogs would score on the kids. Great fun. And it made we want to get a border collie.
We ate lunch at the only shaded place we could find...behind the dumpsters and past the port-o-potties. Somehow it wasn't stinky and no one threw trash on us. The girls did find some killer flowers though.
When I asked the girls what their favorite part was, they said...without question....THE BUS RIDE! We parked our car at one of the 'free parking lots' and then bussed into the event. Next time, we'll just stay on the bus for 3 hours.

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Megan said...

looks like fun! the soccer dog was cool!