Monday, June 28, 2010

Bryn is 4!

So...Bryn turned 4 last week, which was absolutely fabulous. She starting requesting and announcing a Monkey birthday cake before I even knew about it. My cake skills are poor, so I think I did alright. Bryn has been 'saving' a pink cake mix for this occasion for about 3 months. It was great to FINALLY get to use it :)

We were going to have her party at our house, but decided to ask a couple in our ward (with a killer pool) if we could have it at their pool. Thankfully, they agreed and it was amazing. Not only did all the kids have a great time, but I didn't have to plan any games or activities (which is why my 9 months prego self liked the pool idea so much). I'll be forever indebted to our ward friends that let us use their pool. It made a 4 year old's day (and mine) for sure!

Here is Bryn scoping out some of her gifts wearing a new swimuit from Grandma and Grandpa.

Wade is hilarious in the pool. This was a new one for us though. Normally he just wears the life jacket, but...he decided...just to be have the life jacket, pool noodle and a tube around his neck. He was quite content..and fairly safe too!

To top off the day, we went as a family to see the new Shrek movie (3D style). It was great fun! Happy Birthday Bryn!!!

There are many things that make Bryn especially cool (besides the 3D glasses). Here are some:

She is quick to give up a fight and find a solution. This is amazing to me for her age. She compromises well and comes up with solutions much better than I would (as long as she is not tired).
She is a very happy girl (granted she has enough sleep). It is hard to not be smiling when you are around her. Plus, she has great jokes.
Bryn is very athletic and coordinated. She rides her 2 wheeler like a champ and is currently working on mastering the jump rope.

We also re-celebrated her birthday yesterday at Grandma's and Grandpa's which was entirely too much fun. Who doesn't love beating Tinkerbell to death?? Bryn finished her off with a few kicks to the gut. Take that Tink!


Megan said...

sounds like a blast, but I couldn't see any pictures.....hmmmm...

Megan said...

sounds like a blast, but I couldn't see any pictures.....hmmmm...

Jodie said... seems to be doing that lately...let me see if I can fix it!

Megan said...

Much better. I think you're cake decorating skills are pretty fabulous! That is one cute monkey!

Melanie said...

Pink monkey cake = incredible.
I can't believe Bryn is four already!! Time flies. I still remember seeing her just a few hours old and being amazed by her newness and her great unikent. We love Bryn! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!