Monday, March 29, 2010


Laura has the pictures to prove we actually made it onto the ship, but this was our second night on the ship and it was fancy night. Here we are...fancy (Please note I am actually the tallest of the Freeze girls, I just don't wear super high heels..or horny shoes as my girls call them):
Puerto Vallarta was our first stop on the cruise. Uncle Parry and Aunt Kris were meeting us there, but while we were looking for them, we found these friendly folk.
Uncle Parry and Aunt Kris got us on our first Mexican bus of the day. We went up to where they live in PV and got instructions on what bus to take to Mismaloya where we had intended to snorkel. The Mexican bus seemed very similar to a Gautemala bus, but they did seem a little more safe and controlled. I believe this was a first Mexico trip for all of us, except Mom and for Megan a first out of the US/Canada trip. Yippee!
We made it to the beach and it was gorgeous. To the unexperienced snorkelers (Me, Megan and Laura) it seemed unlikely snorkeling was an option, but Mom gave it a shot anyway. We made friends with Jose who had fairly good English and worked at the restaurant we sat/ate at. As Mom was trying to get out of the ocean with snorkeling gear, the tide as pulling her back in and Jose saw the distress, so he ran in after her and helped her get out. Mom really was OK and didn't need help, but it was funny to see Jose run out into the ocean to her rescue. Lets just say, he earned the tip we left him! Thanks Jose.
Plus, the fresh squeezed lemonade he brought was delicious.
Token local.
Me on the beach looking for shells.
Mom at our place on the sand getting ready to leave.

This is only half the day in Puerto Vallarta. Uncle Parry took us on an insiders tour, which was super cool. Stay tuned!


Xiaoshan said...

Looks like good times. Nice to have you as a Spanish speaker as well, I imagine.

Myriah said...

An insiders tour! Do we really get a peek? This is going to be so awesome!

Camille said...

You all are definitely family. I love it.