Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cohen Chiropractic

The lack of recent posts is mostly due to this:
We have been CRAZY busy getting everything ready for Brandon to open his own Chiropractic office (Cohen Chiropractic) right here in Atascadero. He has been open for just over a week now and things are going alright (it is always slow starting out). It is a total miracle that we could find a space and get everything ready to open said space in the time we did. It would have been completely impossible without the help of my parents during their spring break (what a fun vacation!) and Brandon's family on a daily basis.

We secured our location on April 5th and opened one week later on the 12th during which time Brandon was still working 6 days a week as an Independent Contractor in 2 other Chiropractic offices.

I, naturally, have the task of the website and all things web related (among other things) and have been working on all that as well. I originally designed (I use that term loosely) the logo using GIMP, but decided to learn how to use Illustrator to have vector files to avoid annoying distortion problems for printing promotional that has been keeping me busy as well. Anyway...
If you feel so inclined, take a minute to check out:
The website at (you can also get there from or or many choices!).
Our Cohen Chiropractic facebook page....feel free to 'like' us.
Cohen Chiropractic twitter feed, I send out tweets about upcoming races and fun things going on in the area.
Cohen Chiropractic youtube page...there is really nothing there yet, but we should have some videos up soon enough...feel free to 'subscribe'.
Cohen Chiropractic linked in page...are you linked in??

Everything is still a work in progress, so if you have any suggestions...don't hesitate! We got REAL signs up earlier this week (instead of my large printed banners) and the office is looking great. I'll take pictures soon (once Brandon's new table gets here) to show you all how it looks.

Completely random note: for the past 2 days a bird has been trying to fly into our kitchen window. The bird will try repeatedly for about a half hour, then take a break and try again in a couple hours. What???? I just hope it doesn't kill itself and we'll have another Cute to deal with.


The Studes said...

Wow you guys really have been busy! Good thing I "liked" you on facebook =)

Shmobby said...

Hey Jodie congrats!! I have been wondering when you guys were going to have another cutie :) And yay for Brandon starting his own company! Wow you guys are amazing and busy.