Saturday, March 13, 2010

Race Day

I apologize for not posting on my most amazing Cruisecation that I got back from about a week ago, but there are entirely too many pictures to choose from and I would need to spend some serious time arranging them and combining thoughts before I could realize a blog post on the it's not going to happen anytime soon. There are all sorts of crazy things going on in this Cohen household right now, but I'll just share some photos from this morning's race. Brandon ran in the 5K "Hares N Hounds' Race and the kids ran in the 1/2 mile kids race.
You can really never stretch too much.
Elle and Bryn mid race. They did such a great job, until Elle slipped and fell on the pavement. Brandon ran out to help her, and went with her for a while until she regained confidence and started running again, and then slipped again scrapping up her knees. I was closer to Elle at that point and ran to her and we started running together again. Then she slipped her 3rd and final time successfully bloodying up her other knee. Somehow, she managed to finish. We'll have to go shopping for some less 'slippy' running shoes!
I did't sign up Wade for the race, which was a mistake. I think he was the most independent runner of the troops. When he saw the girls take off, he took off and ran the whole way. Brandon ran with him the majority of the way (unless he was helping the girls) and at the end of the race, Wade just took off running towards the finish line right into the finish shoot. You can see Greta (on leash with Grandpa) in the background trying to keep up with him!
Congrats on your first 'number' race! It was a great morning and something I hope we can do every year!
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Megan said...

Poor Elle! That sounds rough. She definitely needs less slippy shoes. She is such a trooper though. I am amazed. Good running guys!

Braxton said...

Good running Elle