Thursday, August 20, 2009

Klavons Trip

We finally made it to Klavons a few weeks ago. What's better than a chocolate sprinkle covered ice cream cone? A chocolate sprinkle covered ice cream cone with a sparkle stabbed inside.

I think the ladies were more excited about the sparkle.
Bran and I had Sundaes that blew us out of this world. Obviously.
For my Ellingson relatives....see the WIDE assortment of metal cups??? There was even a metal pitcher. Looks like the coveted float cups from my youth were actual float cups. I almost asked to buy them.
Reader beware: The Klavons site will play music. Just now when I found the link to add here, Bryn screams out...THE ICE CREAM PLACE! So...beware.

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Xiaoshan said...

I bet those cups are a lot cheaper than the ones at the Ellingson reunion.

Bronwyn said...

Looks a cool place! Dad