Sunday, August 30, 2009


A gchat convo with 2 of my brothers earlier today:

Kent: Pittsburgh is Zion
995 days in Durham
ericfreeze: I would miss the Pitt
me: me too
Kent: 961 days in Utah
me: wow Kent
so specific
ericfreeze: these things are important
Kent: then 658 days in Melbourne
9:13 PM The 197 days in Ottawa
ericfreeze: how many at BYU
Kent: Then 102 in DC
me: how many days old are you?
Kent: Then 55 in Alberta
152 days in China
9:14 PM ericfreeze: hmmm
Kent: but I have it broken up by province
I am exactly 10000 days old
that's kind of creepy
9:15 PM Kent: holy snap
me: and you didn't know that?
Kent: I just calculated it
me: this is really weird
Kent: go on excel
ericfreeze: that is weird
Kent: type dates in the format 4/15/1982
you can subtract dates
me: I'm freaking out
Kent: and it will tell how many days have gone bye
ericfreeze: hmmm
me: this must be a sign of something to come
ericfreeze: the end is near...
9:16 PM Kent: wow
ericfreeze: that would mean you don't have to finish your prospectus
Kent: such significance
ericfreeze: type in how old I am
may 18 1974
Kent: 12889
ericfreeze: hm
9:17 PM me: you should have a birthday cake or something
this is huge...10000
Kent: I can't believe I am exactly 10,000 days old
ericfreeze: that is quite the milestone
Kent: this is like a Christmas miracle

Happy 10,000 day to you Kent!


Myriah said...

Oh man! Congrats, Kent!

This is a huge milestone!

Anonymous said...

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