Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fishing Cup

A couple weeks ago we went to a fishing cup thing in town.
We didn't take many pictures, but I felt like we were somehow transported down to the south.
It was great and the first time when it seemed like I (and my family) were the only ones that weren't from the south.

This guy won $50K for winning his fishing contest.This guy with the red sleeves won $1000000 for winning the Fantasy Fishing League. Crazy...there were even fireworks inside Mellon was beyond crazy. Who knew fishing could be so much fun?
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Myriah said...

Wait.. I don't get it.. it wasn't real fishing? It was fantasy fishing?

Jodie said...

There was real fishing. And people (like the guy that won 50K) won money because of the fish they caught. But they also had the big Fantasy Fishing reveal of who won there. It was quite exciting.

Xiaoshan said...

I still don't get it. Was it real fishing in the Mellon Arena? Or real fishing at a real fishing arena and they just have the awards at the arena? And what is fantasy fishing? I am so confused.

Myriah said...

Yeah, I don't get it either.

So, do you have a fake name, go about fishing in the rivers of Pittsburgh, there is a score board with all the fake names listed and how well they are doing at the arena, the audience watches in anticipation, then the competition is over and the fishers come back to the arena and no one knows who exactly you are until the big unveiling?

And it's fabulous?