Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vote Day

We are on our way to vote. We were lucky enough to be able to walk to our polling location. This was my first general election since becoming a US Citizen. Pretty exciting!
We went on a great hike with a group from our ward. It was the Braille Trail in North Park. I didn't have my camera out, so no pictures.

It was just too beautiful outside to go back home, so we stopped in a playground in North Park. I've never seen a playground covered in leaves before, so this was cool. While sitting on the bench, the wind would blow and it would be raining leaves. What a great feeling!
Wade, trying to get me.

Of course, we had to cover each other in leaves. Elle was the first victim.

Bryn was next. She did very well at holding still, even when a leaf covered her mouth.

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gj said...

There is something energinzing about a fall day! Are there 3 kids in that stroller? How cute, how cozy! It must be heavy! You got to walk to the polls! Wonderful! I don't think I have every been this involved in an election! It has been very exciting! What a memorable process! God Bless America!