Thursday, November 6, 2008


We met a new Mary yesterday. Dr. Mary. If you're looking for a fantastic pediatrician in North Pittsburgh, find Dr. Mary Pagnotto. She was excellent! She was personable, kind and respectful of my wishes. The nurse and staff was also fabulous. Going to the doctor will be fun!

It seems every Mary we meet is exceptional. First, there was Miss Mary from the Seneca Falls Library. Elle was transfixed by her story times. Imagine my delight when we found a new Miss Mary at the Woods Run Library. Wow. Her story times took Elle and Bryn from clinging to my legs to independently finding a carpet square and actively participating with the other children. When searching for a pediatrician, I didn't intentionally search out another 'Mary'. But I did look for a young mother that looked friendly. Conveniently, she is a 'Mary' as well.

So far, I have been impressed with every Mary I have met. There must be some correlation with the name 'Mary' and awesomeness.

Anyway, the results:

Wade: 21.2 lbs 89 percentile. 29 inches 91 percentile.
Bryn: 29.5 lbs 66 percentile. 35 3/4 inches 63 percentile.

I was amazed at Bryn. She didn't flinch when she got her shots. Not a sound. She just watched the lady stick her, twice. Wade cried, but calmed when I picked him up. Bryn must have a high tolerance for pain.

Elle is beyond excited for her turn in 2 weeks, after she is officially 4.


Bronwyn said...

hmmm- I don't know a lot of Marys- but we also went for shots yesterday. Flu shots, that is. Beulah, Carol and I- Beulah was terrified and scrunched up her face in anticipation of the pain- and then screamed very loudly and cried softly- she really has reverted to her childhood- she is such a sweet lady- she maybe should have been named Mary.

Myriah said...

Whoa... you will have had a kid for FOUR YEARS?! That's crazy!

The only thing I've had for four years are my Dansko shoes and this laptop.

Megan said...

Wow Bryn. That's impressive.