Saturday, November 1, 2008

2 Ballerinas and a Dino

This year, we had 2 ballerinas (thank you Brianne) and a dino (thank you Laura). I feel like Halloween was over a week long. That is probably because we've been doing 'Halloween things' for about that long. I'll post on that later. This post is dedicated to just Halloween Day. We started the day early and got ready to go to the Children's Museum.
Happy and clean.
Still clean!
The Children's Museum had all sorts of great things to do for Halloween. A Cartoonist was there and did a show of drawing pictures while telling a story. Elle and Bryn each got to take home one of his drawings. The theater provided free popcorn for the screening of the Charlie Brown Pumpkin movie. The girls painted pumpkins, bowled ghost pins, created crowns, and....put on some face makeup (or paints). I obviously do not wear makeup right. Why didn't anyone tell me that I have red blotches all along my chin line???
Elle was looking fabulous. The glitter was so....shiny. She couldn't resist. I ended up rubbing the glitter all over their bodies and into their hair. It's so fun to be sparkly.
I got the troops home and the girls napped for about an hour. Then it was time for dinner and trick or treating. Somehow Brandon and I ended up holding the pumpkins. They were 'too heavy'.

Finally the girls got to go see one of their favorite friends....
The A-team's party was a hit, complete with homemade root beer and 'duck duck witch'.

The loot. Bryn has blue ring pop face and looks...crazy. She and Elle ate(not sucked) a ring pop on our way to the party. Until next year Halloween!

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Myriah said...

Your girls are gorgeous!

My Halloween wasn't as messy, and not nearly as fun. I mostly just went to work and then to the dance where I flirted with all the boys. Flirt flirt flirt. It's basically all I ever do these days.


My life is so boring.

But YOU! You had glitter!

Bronwyn said...

fun- fun- fun- what pretty ballerinas and scary dinosaur- dressing up is soooooo much fun!

Camille said...

Cute stuff. You guys always have fun! Is Wade crawling?

Johannes and Megan said...

Looks like you guys had a fun-filled day. Love the glitter.