Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nature's Shower

I have many memories of running outside when the rain started to fall. In Southern Alberta, the rained poured a little less. So, we took advantage of it. I love rain. It brings down the humidity lurking in the air. It's very refreshing.

So, I was excited to see that my girls found as much joy running in the rain as I do. A booming thunder sent Elle up the stairs.
I was reminded of a time many of us Freeze children were outside (intentionally) in a hail storm. With a helmet and garbage bag made raincoat, I was running around the streets splashing in puddles. Then lighting struck too close. I saw it zap down from the sky and hit an electric post. Yikes! While running home as fast as I could, I thought...where is Laura? I hope she's ok! She was fine. I wonder if Elle was thinking of Bryn as she darted up the stairs. Probably...that's what sisters do.
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Camille said...

Rain is wonderful- especially with sisters. We used to hurry and put our dance outfits out and grab our umbrellas and go dancing and singing in the rain. It was also the only time our cool secret fort would appear!

Xiaoshan said...

I thought it was Megan that the lightning came really close to......maybe it was a different incident though.

Jodie said...'re probably right. Laura would probably remember for sure though. You both have better memories than I.

Smash said...

Your girls are SO cute.

Myriah said...

Jodie, perhaps your memory is correct and Kent and the rest of the family are trying to brain wash you.

Jodie said...

Kent...always brain washing.

[AlisaR] said...

Those pictures are priceless. Thanks for sharing!