Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wade Update

Sometimes the little slugger gets overlooked. So, I've dedicated this post to our mini stud, Wade. I love this first picture of Wade. It is pretty exciting to have 2 new teeth coming in. The ladies (Elle and Bryn) insist on seeing the new teeth several times a day, as if the teeth are growing inches a day. Thankfully they are not. That would be gross.

Wade spends a large portion of the day eating his hands as seen above. Perhaps because he doesn't have a soother. Or because he wants to eat everything in site, including his hands. For now, that satisfies his solid foods appetite.

Wade is a smile master. In the odd moment he doesn't have his fist shoved in his mouth, he is smiling. He's gotten into this high pitch screeching thing. Where could he have learned/heard this??? I have a couple guesses.

That's Wade, in a nutshell (for now).


Melanie said...

I love Wade. Thanks for the update.

Xiaoshan said...

I don't see the teeth. And also, I don't think that Melanie and Wade should be hanging out. I'm getting a little jealous here.

Rixa said...

Wow, what a cutie. He already looks so different from the reunion.

Myriah said...

Oh man, I've been dying for a Wade update.

I'm really glad his teeth are coming in at the normal speed. I don't think I could handle a kid with teeth coming out of his skull like crazy.

Smash said...

Wade is adorable.