Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Art Off

Brandon was feeling very artistic in the Studio at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum. So he challenged BIL, Rob to an Art Off. After they bullied some little kids off the art easels, they painted their own pictures.
Essence of Ocean was born. The easel height adds a whole new dimension to the piece.
I don't have a final picture of Rob's masterpiece.

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Camille said...

Ha, ha. I have to say though, I think Elle beats them all. That's so cool you are so close to a great children's museum. Totally jealous.

Myriah said...

Okay, first off, knowing that those red strokes were the first to be on the paper add a whole new dimension to this piece.

Second, I am very interested in those hanging streamers in the Studio. Are they plastic? How are the secured? I wonder if I could do that in my room...

Jodie said...

Riah-the streamers are pretty cool. I look into how they are secured next time....and if they are plastic.

The Studes said...

I wanna play! Looks like baby wade is getting bigger everyday.. we need to move closer to eachother so Avi can have a friend to chew on =)