Thursday, May 17, 2007

Money Grows on Trees

I like free money. Who doesn't? That is why I get especially excited after a brutal couponing trip to have the cashier give me money back. This happened twice this week. At P&C, they gave me $3.42 and yesterday at TOPS, I got $1.10. I'm not exactly sure why it happens. Not all couponing trips end this way. It has something to do with using Food Stamps and coupons together. It must be a complex algorithm of buying the right products with the right coupons...if only I could figure it out, I could make millions.

There have been other times (without food stamps) the cashier had to hand over cash. The coupon amount exceeded the cost of the item. Result: cash in my pocket and free toothpaste!

Now to diverge, let me define a 'brutal couponing trip'. I most definitely had one yesterday. After story hour at the library (9-10am), we headed to the school so Brandon could watch the girls while I lifted weights. Bryn fell asleep on the way there, so Brandon was going to drive to Sauders and shop contingent on Bryn waking up. Elle fell asleep too, so Brandon just kind of hung out until I called him telling him I was done. When I got in the car, both girls were asleep. I thought...what a great opportunity! I'll just drive my sleeping girls the 20 minutes to a civilized town to do some grocery shopping! Just as we were leaving Seneca Falls, Elle woke up with a vengeance. Where was Dad???!!! She had been really excited to spend time with him and wakes up to find MOM driving the car??? That's just rude! Elle's screams quickly woke Bryn up and I had 2 screaming girls in the back seat. Elle wanted to talk to Dad, so I gave her the phone after I dialed Brandon's number. She didn't talk to Brandon, she kind of just screamed. While 'talking' to Brandon, she peed her pants, which turned her hysterical. Bryn was screaming too and was developing some sort of rash. Once at BJs, I changed Elle's pants and fed Bryn. Bryn's rash started to disappear. I had 2 happy girls again, but I was worn out. Somehow we managed through 3 stores and various potty breaks (I don't think I could have handled another hysteria)and we were home by 2 or 3 pm.

Then I got to shower!


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I passed out just reading that.

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I can remember doing crazy things like that! You got to be young! gj